Thank you for a great set of auditions! We have a very talented cast and it’s going to be a great show! First rehearsal is Monday at 3 pm SHARP! Do not be late!Below is the cast list. Please email Ethan (shelbyfrascone@gmail.com) to say that you have seen this list and that you accept your role(s). The pieces that will be included in the festival show are marked with an asterisk.

Poe. Cast List

The Masque of the Red Death

*Broadcaster: Karen Alvarado

*Two Domestics: Ava Ruma (One), Natalia Cruz (Two)

*Prospero: Fernando Deleon

*The Red Death: Brianna Polanco

*Revelers: All

The Cask of Amontillado(Blue)

*Fortunato: Pablo Rivera

*Montresor: Mary Morley

*A Domestic: Jandery Nova

The Fall of the House of Usher (Purple)

Roderick Usher: Sofia Fontan

His Friend: Brianna Polanco

Madeline Usher: Ava Ruma

Doctor: Karen Alvarado

The Raven (Green)

*The Poet: Felix Kiene

*The Raven: Brianna Polanco

The Pit and the Pendulum (Orange)

The Prisoner: Sofia Fontan

The Inquisitor: Mary Morley

Monks: Aida Corado, Karen Alvarado, Grace Young, Jandery Nova, Emily McKeever, Mrissa Pacheco, Damianny Garrido, Lisanny Diaz

General Lasalle: Pablo Rivera

The French Army: Felix Kiene, Taidhgin Mitchell, Fernando Deleon

Annabelle Lee (White)

The Performer: Emily McKeever

Annabelle Lee: Aida Corado

The Lover: Pablo Rivera

The Tell-Tale Heart (Violet)

*The Old Man: Grace Young

*The Lunatic: Taidhgin Mitchell

*Three Police: Damianny Garrido (One), Marissa Pacheco (Two), Lisanny Diaz (Three)